It's a serious business.

Our creative team likes to get under the skin of markets to test them before they test you. Las Vegas, for example, ensures that every detail from the slot machine's jingle to the carpet's pattern below your feet has been determined by research to encourage you to part with your money. So, if Las Vegas doesn't leave its marketing to a roll of the dice, why should you?

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Promoting NHS Direct

CHALLENGE. Promote NHS Direct launch to 18-30s

INSIGHT. NHS Direct is the quickest way to receiving trained medical advice.

SOLUTION. Creating virtual health professionals Mobi Medic, Pain Pal, Disc Doctor and Agony Aunt illustrated the immediacy of the NHS Direct service – a 'trained medical professional in the palm of your hand'. Advertising drove traffic to a micro-site which offered visitors the chance to send free texts to mobiles from the site.

RESULT. 17% uplift in calls to NHS Direct within areas advertised.

“Thanks to the highly creative and cost-effective Mobimedic concept more young people accessed confidential health advice and James made that possible with huge attention to detail, delivered on time and on the money. Highly recommend him and a shame NHS budgets are tight as would love to be back in business with him!”