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Working hours have never been so long, media channels so fragmented and the public so skeptical. So, we like to take the brand to consumers at their most receptive, whilst they are at leisure. Consumer loyalty often starts with this brand experience – because a brand in hand is a brand in mind

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Firebox Experiential Marketing

CHALLENGE. Promote the launch of Firebox

INSIGHT. Lads Mag editors, gatekeepers to the male 16-30s market, were creatures of the 1970s

SOLUTION. With Top Trumps endorsement, we produced a pastiche of the popular school play ground game and distributed a set of Firebox Top Trump playing cards to Lads Mag editors, playing on the cult status of the popular 70s school playground game. Editors found themselves once again enjoying the age old favourite game and immersing themselves in the brand.

RESULT. Much editorial coverage resulted, Maxim became media partner (the start of a relationship culminating with Dennis Publishing share investment) and the brand has ever since appealed to a wide market

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